Benefits of Using Breast Enlargement Creams

There are millions of women in this world who are not at all happy with their breast being small. They believe that having better body features makes them look good, gives them more sex appeal, not to mention it gives them more available clothing options, in general, it improves the overall look of women.

Woman wearing blazer showing off nice breasts

Due to hormonal differences when young girls are going through puberty, some women do not achieve fully developed breasts, and thus, many  women look for other ways to make their breasts bigger. Those include surgery, pumps, medicines, creams and much more. Breast enlargement creams are one of the cheapest solutions for increasing bust size naturally. Some of the benefits include:

1. Surgery is Not Required: One of the biggest benefits of using a  breast enlargement cream is that you can increase breast size naturally, there are no painful procedures, and no long hospital stays. It’s just a cream which is applied once or twice a day.

2. Affordable: Most breast creams are capable of increasing breast size between 1-2 cup sizes, for most women, this can be achieved in about 3 months, the average cost of a quality breast cream ranges between $49.00 and $89.00 for a 30-day treatment which is much cheaper than surgery. Some women will use more than one method of breast enlargement, such as using a breast enlargement pump for quicker results. even so, 3 months of natural breast enlargement therapy will still run less than $200.00 U.S.D and in some cases much less, depending on the products you buy.

3. Safe: Breast enlargement creams are safer than any other breast enlargement method. In the case of breast enlargement surgery,  implants are placed under the fatty or muscle tissue which can cause bodily trauma, if your body rejects the implants, it can become painful and even infected. Again, you will have to go through another surgery, spending your hard earned money, plus the long process of recovery can be frustrating and depressing.

4. Natural Process: A breast cream can have similar benefits to surgery using natural non-invasive methods since it’s just a topical cream that is applied superficially to the breast, this promotes tissue growth on and around the breasts. The changes are perfectly safe, and it’s real and not an implant, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of your significant other.

Not all breasts creams are made with the same quality ingredients, so it’s best to stick to well know products, if you have any doubts you should consult with your doctor before you start using these creams. A good dermatologist will know what creams work best on which type of body and can help you to avoid any possible side effects.

Older woman with nice breasts wearing sexy blue bra

5. No age limit: this is another benefit that breast creams offer, women of any age over 18 can use a breast enlargement cream, older women can also benefit from breast creams because most women over the age of 50 are reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure, a breast enhancement cream can increase hormone levels in older women which will help reduce sagging breasts and at the same time make their breasts look much younger, fuller and bigger.

6. A better alternative to cheap bust lift creams: I know many women, myself included, who have spent money on cheap bust lift creams, most of them leave a cakey residue and don’t do much, a breast enlargement cream can be a much better substitute and can be used as needed only when you feel you want fuller firmer breasts and most quality breast creams have some very good moisturizing properties.


Breast creams have been around for decades and for a good reason, they offer women a safe nonsurgical alternative that can give most women a decent boost in breast size, obviously if you are looking for more than a 2 cup increase in size breast surgery may be your only alternative.

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Noogleberry Breast Pump

The Noogleberry breast pump is a safe way for women to increase the size of their breasts and it can be used along with any breast cream

Naturally increasing the size of your breasts can be a wonderful and fascinating experience, many women have been able to permanently increase the size of their breasts anywhere between 2-4 cup sizes, it is not easy, but if you have some patience and put forth some effort, bigger breasts can be achieved without a surgical procedure.

Noogleberry Breast Pump

There are several ways women can increase the size of their breasts, most women will begin with a breast cream. Once women see proof that breast creams work many will often search for more advanced methods to make their breasts bigger. Continue reading

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Are Breast Enlargement Creams Safe

Woman in dress pushing up breastsMany women are reluctant to use a breast enhancement cream, many question their safety in this article we discuss the safety of breast creams over a prolonged period of use.

Attractive, tight and large breasts are a dream of almost every woman. Of course, men find such breasts more attractive too. However, the aging process, pregnancy, breastfeeding and even gravity affect breasts on a daily basis and even women who once had firm breasts experiences changes that make their breasts loosen. These women, together with women who were never satisfied with the size of their breasts, are always looking for a way to enlarge their breasts.

The good news is that there are many methods that can be used for this purpose, but the fact is that not all breast creams are created equal. Some of them are less effective, some of them expensive while some of them require a lot of time and effort to see the results. In the recent period, there is an increasing interest in the use of breast enlargement creams. Continue reading

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How Does Vollure Compare with Other Breast Creams

Breast enhancement with a breast cream is a great way for women to increase the size of their breasts, and yes there are many breast creams that can be effective at increasing breast size and Vollure is one of them, but how does it compare to others?

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of Vollure and how it compares to other leading breast enhancement creams. There are two main ingredients in breast creams that help make a woman’s breasts bigger, one is Pueraria Mirifica and the other is Sarsapogenin, both ingredients have a significant impact on breast growth but which one offers the best results.

woman in black bra covering breasts with hands

If you are going to be using a breast cream you should be concerned with the ingredients, especially considering you will need to use it every day “twice a day” for a minimum of one month, for best results a breast cream should be used for 1-3 months, some breast creams tend to dilute their product with fragrance, and synthetic oils, some of them contain parabens so if possible its best to use a breast cream that is paraben free. Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Eliminate Sagging Breasts

Regardless of your age, sagging breasts can make a woman feel uncomfortable, there are many things that can cause sagging, for some women it may be genetics, poor skin elasticity, rapid weight loss or a recent pregnancy.

Regardless of the reason, there are some practical ways to help reduce sagging, some take a little more effort than others but if practiced regularly you can have firmer and fuller breasts in a short period of time. I will start with the hard things first and work down to the simple ones, practicing any of these methods will help you restore that youthful look.


Exercise is something everyone should do, some of us hate to exercise, but it can offer some very good results.  If you can,  you should implement both cardio and some sort of strength training plan, the cardio will help you get your heart in shape.

Young woman doing pushups

Strength training will tone your body, performing exercises that focus on the underlying breast muscles will help firm and lift your breasts. Some common and very effective exercises include, pushups, dumbbell flyes, and dumbbell bench press, each one of those exercises can help improve the look of your breasts, add in the cardio and within a couple of months you will begin to see a total body transformation. Continue reading

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5 Unforeseen Issues after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Things you wish you would have known before having breast implants

Besides the risk of the surgical procedure itself,  there are other problems that would seem obvious after having breast surgery but most women don’t find out about these issues until it’s too late, below are some common complaints from women who had to learn the hard way that breast surgery was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Woman in black bikini showing off big breasts

1 – The Pain

It is very obvious that pain will be a result of any surgical procedure no matter how minor it is, how much pain women experience after breast implant surgery will vary depending on the procedure, some implants are placed over the muscle and others are placed under the muscle,  the size of the implant can also be a factor, most women will suffer bruising, swelling and pain from the torn tissue or muscle, everyone’s tolerance to pain is different. Fortunately pain medicines will be prescribed to reduce the pain, the length of time women experience pain from a surgical implant procedure can last for 3 weeks or longer, subtle pain may exist up to 3 months after the procedure. Continue reading

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Vollure – Paraben Free Breast Cream

Bottle of Vollure Bust Lift CreamMost beauty products we use on an everyday basis contain traces of parabens, a big selling point for many cosmetic companies is to promote products as being paraben free. Whether parabens cause cancer or not is still unproven, what we do know is that parabens are easily absorbed by the body so it is best to avoid them whenever possible.

Many one-hour breast creams contain traces levels of parabens and most do little to firm or increase breast size, sometimes price is something that  should be overlooked,  especially if it’s a product you will be using every day. => Click here to learn more Continue reading

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Paraben Free Breast Creams

Breast CreamsFor the last few years there has been increased awareness and promotion of paraben free products, it has been a big selling point for the cosmetic industry, in fact, most cosmetics, lotions, and even deodorants contain traces of parabens.

One of the reasons there has been such a concern with its use is because it has been found in cancerous breast tumors, which means the body can easily absorb them, yet they can easily become isolated from other body tissues.  Several studies have tried associating  them with certain types of breast cancer in women and testicular cancer in men.

What are parabens?

Parabens come with many different names such as methylparaben, ethylparaben and propylparaben, trying to find products free of these chemicals is still difficult. Parabens are used as a preservative in many common cosmetics, lotions and oil with the sole purpose of  preventing bacteria, and mold from growing. In the past before the use of parabens, formaldehyde was used and was found to be even more toxic which is why its use was discontinued. Continue reading

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Best Ways to Help Improve Breast Firmness

Woman in bikini with firm breastsBreast are something that many women will take for granted, however the perfect bust can make all the difference in the world, and sure you may be confident that an expensive bra can lift and push the breasts making them look good, what happens in those intimate moments, can you really be comfortable if they don’t look as good as they could?

There are some very simple things women can do to help increase breast firmness, and it does not always mean having to spend thousands of dollars on breast lift surgery, all you need is a few minutes every day and if you are consistent you can have a very attractive looking bust that will turn heads. Continue reading

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Breast Enlargement by Stacking

Herbal Breast CreamYou are probably asking yourself what stacking is, when we first hear the term we think of placing one item on top of another, for example stacking one box on top of another,  in the bodybuilding world stacking means using different steroids together to achieve maximum muscle growth and gains. While there is probably no known terminology of stacking for bigger breasts it is my nickname for how I achieved 3 cup sizes larger through what I call stacking.

Many women will try various methods of breast enlargement, until they finally stumble on to one method that works for them, however if you want to avoid breast surgery and want larger breasts you will have to be creative and use more than one method, this implies stacking two different methods or products together to achieve maximum breast growth.

There is a variety of ways to make your breasts grow, and one is by using some sort of breast enlargement cream or supplement, what this does is increase phytoestrogens, also know as plant estrogens. When a breast cream is applied directly to the breast it will stimulate underlying breast tissue growth. The other method is using a breast enlargement pump also known as vacuum therapy, below I will discuss how both methods work.

One of the biggest gains you will see will come from using a method called vacuum DSC02018therapy, this method creates real tissue growth, there are many different devices sold but one of the most popular and inexpensive ones is the Noogleberry breast enlargement pump. This device comes with a hand pump, two breast cups, and some clear plastic tubing, it may sound to simple to work, but it’s not, it can make your breasts much bigger, some women have achieved 4 cup sizes larger after prolonged use. Continue reading

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