Simple Ways to Eliminate Sagging Breasts

Regardless of your age, sagging breasts can make a woman feel uncomfortable, there are many things that can cause sagging, for some women it may be genetics, poor skin elasticity, rapid weight loss or a recent pregnancy.

Regardless of the reason, there are some practical ways to help reduce sagging, some take a little more effort than others but if practiced regularly you can have firmer and fuller breasts in a short period of time. I will start with the hard things first and work down to the simple ones, practicing any of these methods will help you restore that youthful look.


Exercise is something everyone should do, some of us hate to exercise, but it can offer some very good results.  If you can,  you should implement both cardio and some sort of strength training plan, the cardio will help you get your heart in shape.

Young woman doing pushups

Strength training will tone your body, performing exercises that focus on the underlying breast muscles will help firm and lift your breasts. Some common and very effective exercises include, pushups, dumbbell flyes, and dumbbell bench press, each one of those exercises can help improve the look of your breasts, add in the cardio and within a couple of months you will begin to see a total body transformation.

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