5 Unforeseen Issues after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Things you wish you would have known before having breast implants

Besides the risk of the surgical procedure itself,  there are other problems that would seem obvious after having breast surgery but most women don’t find out about these issues until it’s too late, below are some common complaints from women who had to learn the hard way that breast surgery was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Woman in black bikini showing off big breasts

1 – The Pain

It is very obvious that pain will be a result of any surgical procedure no matter how minor it is, how much pain women experience after breast implant surgery will vary depending on the procedure, some implants are placed over the muscle and others are placed under the muscle,  the size of the implant can also be a factor, most women will suffer bruising, swelling and pain from the torn tissue or muscle, everyone’s tolerance to pain is different. Fortunately pain medicines will be prescribed to reduce the pain, the length of time women experience pain from a surgical implant procedure can last for 3 weeks or longer, subtle pain may exist up to 3 months after the procedure.

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